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Al-Mustafa Welfare Soceity (Trust)

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is one of the most reputed charitable and non-profit organizations in Pakistan, working for the social development and providing relief to the low income groups since 1983.

It was registered in 17, November 1983 under Registration and Control ordinance 1961, Social Welfare Department. It is run by a team of highly motivated intellectuals and social workers, comprising Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, and Business Executives & Representatives of various fields of life. We are exempted from all duties and Taxes vide CBR Letter No. CIT/COS.V/2007/856 Dated 27-07-2006.

 Medical CentresFree Thalassemia Treatment :
Thalassemia Treatment unit was established in 2008. We have 50 registered children in this unit. Our Thalassemia department provides safe and secure blood. The cost that comes on one child is Rs.10800/month.
  Free Thalassemia TreatmentFree Cleft Palat & Lip Surgeries :
Free Cleft Palat and Lip Surgery unit was established in 2004. We have done 272 surgeries in year 2009. It takes about Rs.15000/child.
  Free Cleft Palat & Lip SurgeriesMedical Centres :
Al Mustafa Welfare Society has medical centres all over the country; only in Karachi we have 7 medical centres actively serving thousands of patients daily. Some of following services we have in our medical centres.
  DialysisDialysis :
Dialysis unit was established in 1998 and now we have 15 dialysis machines with more than 100 patients. We cover about 900 dialysis in a month and the cost that comes on one patient is Rs.1350/-.
Blood BankBlood Bank :
The Blood Bank of Al Mustafa was established in 2000. It is registered from Sind Blood Transfusion Authority. It provides safe and secure blood as it is fully equipped. The cost of one bag is Rs.800 (for cross match) along with all necessary tests.
  Free Medical CampsFree Medical Camps :
Al Mustafa organizes Free Medical Camps also. We arranged 25 camps in year 2009 on different events. Thus far we have served 6250 patients till now.
  Health WorkshopsHealth Workshops :
Al Mustafa also organizes Health Training Programs. We conducted 2 programs in year 2009 for Paramedical Staff and Doctors.
  Ambulance ServiceAmbulance Service :
Al Mustafa Ambulance service was established in year 1983. We have fleet of ambulances. Last year we served more than 1 lac patients in injuries.
Islamic CentresIslamic Centres :
Al Mustafa has 3 - 4 Islamic Centers in Karachi who are offering various religious teachings to children.
  School SystemSchool System :
Al Mustafa provides scholarships to needy students who are studying in any school, college or university all over Pakistan.
  MasajidMasajid :
Al Mustafa has about 10 Masajid in different cities of Pakistan.
  Sadqa GoatSadqa Goat :
Al Mustafa also provides service for the sadqa goat. We have many goats, people can choose from them and we will provide our service.
Joint QurbaniJoint Qurbani :
Al Mustafa Organizes Joint Qurbani in which thousands of people take part. From buying of animal to the cutting of flesh and so on, Al Mustafa provides everything free of cost.
  Rashan DistributionRashan Distribution :
During the holy month of Ramzan, Al Mustafa provides free rashan to the needy and poor people.
  Funeral Bus ServiceFuneral Bus Service :
Al Mustafa Funeral Bus Service has total 5 buses that help people in their needs of Mayyat.
  Emergency Relief CampsEmergency Relief Camps :
Al Mustafa organizes Emergency Relief Camps when the country comes under circumstances. We have arranged 5-7 camps till now.
Emergency Medical CampsEmergency Medical Camps :
Al Mustafa organizes Emergency Medical Camps when the country comes under circumstances. We have arranged 5-7 camps till now.
  AL-Mustafa Children PlanetAL-Mustafa Children Planet :
Al Mustafa Children Planet was established in 2006. We have comprehensive school and hostel, we have vocational training institutes, it is an orphanage but a safe home. We have about 100 children there.
  Al-Mustafa Tanzeem-ul-QuranAl-Mustafa Tanzeem-ul-Quran :
Qari Muhammad Ali
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